Necklace £16.99
My Wishing Star
Ribbon Watch £19.99
Necklace £22.99
Earrings £9.99
Necklace £22.99
Enamel Frog Pill Box £19.99
Plated Cuff £99-
Plated Rings £54.99
Plated Bangle £26.99
Necklace £19.99
Fruit Necklace £16.99
Our pretty 18 ct gold plated range by Lucas Jack makes a really special present. Choose from beautiful slender bangles, striking ‘cuff-style’ bracelets and a selection of stunning rings.
A true jewel in the crown is this enamel frog prince pill box – so cute she might even want to pucker up!
Come take a peek at our superb range of unusual jewellery - we're rather proud of it!
What girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle, and adding a twist to traditional gems with our vintage cutlery or teapot and cup earrings is sure to bring a smile.
Charm Bracelet £12.99
Who wouldn’t want to make a wish on our shooting star earrings, or a twinkly ‘my wishing star’ badge.
Matching her watch to her outfit will no longer be a problem with this gift boxed ribbon watch, with a strap for every occasion.
‘Scream for Ice Cream’ Necklaces!
‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells’ Necklaces!

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