Inspire her to get back to traditional writing, with our range of pretty notebooks, diaries and cards. Who knows – she might even drop you a line!


Her ladyship deserves a bit of pampering after a hard days gardening, and our canvas gardeners bag is packed with goodies she won’t be able to resist. And make sure her fingers don’t stay permanently green with this gorgeous nailbrush and soap set, on a neat wooden base.


Apothecary style bath crèmes, handy loofahs and scented body lotions will ensure she feels her best from top to toe.


Set the mood with our range of sweetly scented candles - the perfect accompaniment to any indulgent bath time.


Gift Set £19.99
Soap Set £6.99
with Shea Butter! £1.99

What do women really want? A question that has caused much confusion over centuries! At Crocodile we’ve thrown our two-penneth worth in and come up with some solutions for beautiful gifts we think will make her smile. Plenty more in the shop!


Show her some hot love with our woolly heart hot water bottle – perfect for those cold winters nights.


Lip Glosses £6.99
Gift Basket
a Kiss £2.99
a Heart £2.99
Bath Cream
a Heart £2.99
Gift Set
a Kiss £2.99
Cherry Scented Candle £2.99
Peach Scented Candle £2.99
Fruit Bellini
‘Oh Little Star’
Raspery Ripple

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